Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another Writer's Contest and a Winning Week for Me!

Another quick blog today with news that may be important to you as a writer, followed by news about me as a writer, followed by blogging awards I'm handing out.

First, there is another contest for writers that I think is a wonderful opportunity. I’ve read it’s harder to land an agent than a publisher. Frankly, I'm not sure I believe that, but I do know landing an agent is very hard work. There is a contest going on right now that should be of interest to anyone writing for young people. Check it out at: It looks pretty interesting!

Now news from another contest, one that ended last month. The Foster City Writer’s Contest had a children’s division this year. Perhaps they do every year, but this year is the first time I’ve taken a good look at the contest and the first year I’ve entered. My children’s short story, Helen’s Home Run, won first place! Woo-Hoo! There is a nice money prize and it will look good on my bio.

I also was awarded two blog awards by my friend, critique partner, and fellow blogger Elizabeth Varadan. ( She blessed me with the Sisterhood Award and the Versatile Blogger Award! I am so honored. As with other blogging awards, these are to be passed along to other bloggers.

I shall award the Sisterhood Award to my friend Michelle Fayard, a former critique partner who (sad for us) moved away. You can find her blog at She is the one who passed on the information about the agent contest. Good luck to both of us, Michelle! I also want to award it to Barbara Krasner, a friend and collegue who encourages and helps me at every step. More about her and her blog in the next section. She is a double award winner today. She is also a teacher and will be teaching a Highlight's Founders Workshop on writing Jewish-themed children's books. Check it out.

The Versatile Blogger award not only should be passed along, but requires I tell seven things about me you might not know. Hmmmm. When I received a Stylish Blogger award a while back, I had to do the same, so let’s see if I can come up with seven new things.

1. This week, was a good week for me as a writer. Besides finding out I’d won the Foster City Writer’s Contest, I received my first publishing contracts – for two poems I sold to High Five magazine, sister publication of Highlights. I’m very excited.
2. My grandson Gehrig is a future baseball superstar and has been playing some amazing ball lately. He may be only nine, but I’m telling you, someday you’ll be reading about him.
3.      My granddaughter Gracie is going to be a famous writer someday. She is only five and is already writing books! Must be something in the water around here.
4.      I have enough “Seasons” poems to submit a collection to publishers. I am polishing them madly and my goal is to submit before summer.  
5.      I had a writing teacher in college tell me to never write poetry again. I guess I just don’t listen well. You did notice I sold two poems, right?
6.      I am an active member of three critique groups. It’s a miracle I get any of my own work done.
7.      I couldn’t possibly do any writing without my critique groups. They give me so much help and encouragement.

I’d like to award the Versatile Blogger award to (drum roll, please):

Barbara Krasner -- -- everything you might need to know about writing for children with a Jewish theme.

Elizabeth Varadan -- -- a treasure trove of wonderful writing.

Maggie Hollinbeck -- -- yes, she’s my daughter, but she may well be the real writer in the family. She blogs every day and I much admire her passion and work.

Morgan Mussell -- -- always interesting, always thought provoking, always edifying and entertaining.

Margaret Duarte -- -- I learn so much from Margaret about blogging and writing.

The Speculative Salon -- -- a group of six writers share this blog. It’s always worth a look.

Have a great day. Back to my regularly scheduled (which means no schedule at all) blogging now.


EW Gibson said...


How awesome! Thank you from all of us at The Speculative Salon. This is such an honor from a fellow writer and blogger. Wow!


Rosi said...

It's the least I can do, Elizabeth. I enjoy The Speculative Salon and learn a great deal.

Morgan H Mussell said...

Congratulations on all the achievements that you and yours racked up! And thanks for more useful links!

Ella Gray said...

Many thanks from the Salon, Rosi, and many gratz on your 1st place win - Woot!

Michelle Fayard said...

Many richly deserved congratulations, Rosi, on receiving first place in the Foster City Writer's Contest as well as for your first publishing contracts; as one of your former critique partners, it comes as no surprise to me that your awesome work is blowing everyone away! I am very honored to receive the Sisterhood Award from you and look forward to reading much more about your publishing successes.

Maggie @ Maggie's Nest said...

Awesome all around, Mama! And thanks for the award... I'm flattered. :) Love you!

EW Gibson said...


We love our award so much we were wondering is there anyway we can put it up in the salon?

PS: forgot to tell you congrads on your win and contracts. You go, girl!


Rosi said...

Elizabeth, So glad you like the award. I right clicked on the award and saved it to my photo file. Then I was able to "Add a gadget" on the right side of my blog and up-load the jpeg to that. Hope it works!

Rosi said...

Morgan, Ella, Michelle, and Maggie -- Thanks for stopping by. So glad you all like the awards. They are deserved!

Melanie said...

Wonderful news about the contract. I was told I wrote "sentimental" and stopped writing poetry. As you can see at the Speculative Salon it didn't stop my writing! I'm hoping that whatever is in your water up there in Roseville will find its way down here in Sac!

Thanks for the mention,
your neighbor

Rosi said...

The Sacramento area is rife with writers, so I think there really is something in the water here. Great to meet another neighboring writer, Melanie. Thanks for stopping by.

Barbara Krasner said...

Rosi, thanks so much for both the Sisterhood and the Versatile Blogger Awards! Your announcement made my day. It is my special pleasure to help nurture other writers. The Whole Megillah and I both thank you!

Rosi said...

My pleasure, Barbara. Hope to see you in August!

Margaret Duarte said...

Hi Rosi. Again, congratulations on your contest win. I will include this information and a little plug about you and your blog in my blog post next week, along with a great big thank you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I'm honored.

Rosi said...

Happy to do it, Margaret. I've learned so much from your blog and continue to do so every week.

Jame said...

I'm so glad you didn't listen to that writing teacher! Good for you! (Though I hope it was actually some kind of reverse psychology so you would prove him or her wrong.)

So many people have a prejudice against poetry, I believe, because they've had a damaging experience with it in school---writing or interpreting it. Makes my job harder because that prejudice extends to novels in verse.

Help break the cycle: keep writing poetry!

Rosi said...

Thanks, Jame. I loved, loved, loved your book, Three Rivers Rising. Thanks for stopping by.